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Return warranty

You can return the funds within 7 days from the date of purchase of VPN, despite the fact that we provide the test period for 24 HOURS, with which you can check our services.

Refund rules:

  • You can use the possibility of returning your funds only once for all the time
  • Return does not apply to personal IP-Addresses for buying VPN access, as well as private, mobile and package proxies
  • Return of funds can only be performed if you are our customer and purchased a purchase for one month or more
  • You can use the return of funds if you have not violated the rules for using our service.
  • Return is carried out on the account of the electronic wallets of Yoomoney, Qiwi with the deduction of the Commission 15%.
  • Return is not carried out to the anonymous wallets of Yoomoney and Qiwi
  • The deadlines for the return are up to 15 days from the date of request of the return.

To make a return you need to write to us at supportwith your access code, reason for return and a wallet to return. At the time of publication (April 20, 2015), the money back guarantee is carried out from the moment of purchase, as well as when you press the button («Buy»), you are obliged to comply with the rules of use of our services.